Not Today, Mother, Not Today! What I didn't do well enough.

The day my 93 year old mother passed naturally was the worst day of my life and hurts every day.  I soon realized I wasn't ready to deal with the day and wasn't as prepared as I should have been.  I was her caregiver for 18 years and was fortunate to have been part of each other's life every day.  


My message to readers, no matter who the loved one may be.

1. Enjoy your time together and don't let little things bother you.

2. Have quality time together, letting them talk about their life.

3. Be prepared; have all information organized and confirm their wishes.

4. Hug them and tell them you love them every day.

5. Be prepared to grieve.


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Truly admire you for all you did for your mom.  You can look back and say I did everything I could for mom.  If I could take back time with my mom I would listen more, tell her how much I love her, be more understanding and hug her tight!


I would agree with both of you. I just lost my 91, almost 92 year old mother 3 weeks ago. I was her caregiver too, along with my husband. I also think it is important to talk about your special memories with them, trips, celebrations, family times, etc. 

I learned how to be more patient, and appreciate the elderly population more than ever. I wish I had been more understanding in the beginning, but we were going through so many different emotions, it was very difficult. I keep focusing on all the positive things and closures we had before she passed away peacefully with my husband and I in the room. Forever in my heart!

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