Bring back auctions

One of the best parts of the old program was Points Only Auctions. When the program was ending that was the main component for using up points. Are there any plans to have auctions return?


Some people with more points than anyone can imagine were able to fool their way into the lower tiers by bidding on something that they know they would get outbid on, and while their points total was temporarily lowered, they could bid in the lower tiers.  Then when they were out bid in the other auction they would get their points back. I was glad to see the auctions go away for this reason.


If they could bring back auctions without the tiers, I would go along with that.


There had to be more than one person doing that since the final price of some of these auctions was higher than the limit for the tier it was in.


I meant the Instant Lose not the Daily Lose in my previous post. By the way was it possible to edit my post? I could not find the way.

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I did not know about the tiers system. It seems rather inequitable, very biased. I have a hard time believing this in fact.

However if it happens to be true, what other biases are we encountering now? Are the sweepstakes tilted toward certain persons for instance? How about the daily loose? I would love to hear more about this topic.

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I agree that auctions were exciting.  Auction would be a great way to use points.  However, if auctions were to return, I would hope that they would not come back with point tiers.

The old program, Rewards for Good, had several point tiers.  The tiers worked so that a gift card for say $10 would “cost” a person with a lot of points accumulated more than a person with fewer points accumulated.  The difference was astounding.  The person with a lots of points would never seen the auctions going on in the lower tiers.  One could only see the difference by looking at the list of auction winners.


The group running the AARP Rewards for Good, explained that the tiers allowed those with fewer points to win an auction.  That would be accurate; but I saw it that to win auction, I “paid” a lot of points for the same dollar amount gift card that someone in a lower tier “paid.”  The program penalized a person who saved points.



Auctions were also exciting. I wish you could bring them back as they were.

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