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Cryptic Crosswords

Once again, I am posting my bafflement at the number of clues in the cryptic crosswords that are specifically targeted towards people who must live in the U.K.   This past week, for one example, there was the word "butcher" which means "to look at" in British slang.  There was a reference to Ladybird Books, a British publisher.  There were many other examples.  I don't understand why the cryptic has to be slanted for English puzzle enthusiasts.  


This past Saturday's puzzle was another good example:   A tree found in part of London.  Another clue whose answer is Lancashire.  Another clue about a cricket prize.  A clue whose answer is Field Marshal John Denton Pinkstone French, 1st Earl of Ypres, KP, GCB, OM, GCVO, KCMG, ADC, PC, known as Sir John French, a senior British Army officer!
Would a U.S. citizen be expected to know those?
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Replying to myself!  Another bunch of cryptic clues in the past few months asking for us to know things that are UK-centric.  Last week, e.g., a puzzle with the two clue answers across the top of the puzzle asked that you know that the Usk was a river in Wales. (and who hasn't gone to England just to fish in the River Usk?). and the town of Minehead, a town in Somerset, England, with its population of 11,000 hardy souls.  

Repeating it again:  Why can't there be a daily cryptic puzzle targeting AARP's members here in the USA?  


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Continuing:  This past week, one puzzle asked for us to identify Norman Wisdom, an English comic actor who died in 2010.  Another clue wanted the county of Surrey for the answer. Many other examples since my last posting.  I guess not too many people do this kind of puzzle so there are no other posts here except mine....

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