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Pet Mamas and Papas are special people in my book.  I have two rescue dogs and one older cat.  At least that was the pet family until recently.  There was a cat that I fed for a year or more.  Beautiful, offspring of a Sealpoint Siamese.  I thought it a boy and called him Suri.  Surprise, surprise.  Suri gained a lot of weight and I realized he/she was going to have kittens.  She had three and brought them to me.  They took up residence in my carport.  One of them stopped showing up and I hope someone in the neighborhood adopted him/her.  The two remained.  One looks just like a SealPoint and the other is white with grey markings.  Both have blue eyes.  They were pretty wild.  I talked baby talk to them and didn't try to touch them.  After some time, they started to come to me, rub my legs and let me pick them up.  My plan was to find adoptive pet parents.  Time went by and since I am on a busy street, I was very concerned for their safety.  One evening, I was picking up some broken branches near my drive when a car came through at about 80 miles per hour with a highway patrol car not so far behind.  Decision made.  I scooped them up and brought them in.  My house looks like a couple of two year olds live here.  I am estimating how long it will take to save to get them spayed and neutered and all shots. Also am checking for a group who will trap Mama cat and spay her and bring her back in the neighborhood.  She is a seasoned outside cat.  I have seen her stop and look both directions before crossing the street.   Oh, well, guess I will work up until lunch time on the day of my funeral.  A friend told me that this is God's way of giving me the big family I have always wanted but never had.

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If you go one line you can find cheap or free spraying or neutering. Several places by me offer this service. State run programs run quarterly. I took my girlfriends dog to get fixed last January. The cost was only $17, through my paad card. Please check into this,  as you will safe hundreds of dollars.. Nancy 



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