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Scoring parameters and rules on Crossword Puzzles

Each morning, I click the Games and Puzzles to do the three crossword puzzles. Sometimes, I buzz right through a crossword puzzle and score very low or I use helps and score higher.


For example: Many times, I've completed the Daily Mini and have scored only 120 points out of 420. Other times, I've really struggled and used the Reveal Word a time or two along with taking a long time to finish and have received scores in the upper 300s.


This morning, I finished the Let's Crossword in my first ever what I would call perfect completion of entering every letter and every word in its turn on the first run through on Across only and in good time. I did that without even hitting backspace once to correct a mistyped letter, since I didn't even mistype any of it. When I entered the last correct word for 71 across, the submit score popped up with only 1830 points. I have scored as high as 1890 in the past, so this confuses me.


Can anybody tell me how these puzzles are scored? It's obviously not from getting every word right or finishing in less than 45 seconds and such. It might make more sense to me if I only knew.


Stay well and enjoy!


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Thanks for the explanation, Teri. I still don't get it, though.
This morning on the Daily Mini, I asked for help on one word, missed a couple others, and used Solve Puzzle with all squares filled to get my final score, but still got the highest score for the moment (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly) at 460 points (you'll see lw with numbers after it). Other mornings, I have gotten all words correct and have scored only 120 points. I just don’t get it! 😉


Maybe it will come to me after a few more games.


Stay well and enjoy!


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@Brightpool   That is strange.   I did it without help fairly quickly and got 290.

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and @HokiePoq 


Crosswords are scored based on the number of cells in the puzzle. Since every puzzle has a different number of cells, there is not a standard high score for each puzzle. Rather, it will fluctuate from puzzle to puzzle based on the size of the puzzle grid and how many black-out cells the puzzle author has used.


Here’s how crossword scoring is calculated:

  • Player gets 10 points for every cell that is completed without help.
  • Bigger puzzles will have a higher total score
  • If another player has higher or lower score on the “today” column of the leaderboard, that means they played a puzzle from a different date (not today’s).

Completed without help is defined as:

  • Cell filled in correctly without using the Reveal function
  • If the player has Show Errors turned on in the menu, “without help” would then mean an incorrect letter (shown as red) was never entered into a cell by the user.

I hope this helps!  And keep crosswording 🙂

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I understand the 10 points per cell,  but whats the clock for then ?  Is there a bonus,  and is there a place to see your score or only at the end at submit score,  thanx so much


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I have wondered the same thing.  I don't see a scoring explanation on the menu.    Some might depend on the difficulty of the puzzle but that's the only thing I can come up with.   I do enjoy the mini one as it's challenging.   Other two have the same clues day after day pretty much, just rearranged.  I have the same experience with Codeword which I love.  Can't recall who on this board mentioned it, but thanks to that person as I hadn't tried it before.   All I can come up with that is that perhaps my time and errors are compared to others at a point in time.  That one is cumulative during the month, so if you miss a day your scores are down the rest of the month.

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Lynn I've often questioned how scoring is done... so thanks for your post & Thanks @AARPTeri for your reply... the Mini is tough been times I only got 30 or 50 points any score under 100 gets no points so I have to replay & reset it to complete for points that day



Hokie mighta been me I love Codeword I've mentioned several times & b4 to Teri wish they'd give points for it...its challenge I enjoy in time I've gotten very good at it...I also got a game like it from Google play but one on AARP is best Wish there was multiple plays like other games but enjoy one we have

I too get bored with Daily Crossword so many repeats some days I don't do it & miss out on points 

I've recently fell in love with The Daily Word Search... check it out if haven't its monthly build up plus gives very interesting daily "things happened that date"in history & words are related to that topic very fun & interesting 

Also Daily solitaire is great with monthly totals & gets tougher throughout the week 


Have a beautiful weekend y'all

Ginger :  )

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@gm5271   Thanks so much for suggesting Codeword.  I absolutely love it even though my scores never approach the top ten level.  I'll try the word search one, too.    If you get stuck in the mini crossword, just choose reveal a word.  I have to do that sometimes.   That way you won't miss out on points.

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Hey Hokie thanks

I'll try that wasn't aware of reveal I always just typed Aaaa throughout& go through abc till filled correct so reveal will most likely save lots of time thanks

Enjoy Daily Search its fun

Don't think I've ever been in high scores on Codeword but am happy if get 10K+ points a day 

Take care

Ginger ;  )

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