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Points for sweeps entries and instant daily wins increasing


Points for sweeps entries and instant daily wins increasing

And so it begins. With the new 'upgrade' (I guess you'd call it), while the number of entries into a sweeps has increased, the number of points per entry has also increased. Where before the points per entry was 50, it is now 100 up to 150 points per entry. Today the instant win has increased to 100 where, in the past, it was 50. I cannot say if this is true on a daily basis for the instant win but will be noting it in the future. Seeing I have been doing the rewards program pretty much since its inception, and have never won a sweeps there is now no incentive for me to enter sweeps as it is just throwing points away. Under the old Rewards For Good program I have seen the auctions with winning bids of 100K points increase to over 1 million points for the same item. This occurred in a short period of time.  At least the auctions are gone now but my point is, the point value to win an item rapidly creeps up to the point where it is not worth our time.


I do not mean to sound ungrateful for the program but if it is no longer viable for seniors to participate daily when the required points to participate is beyond what an average senior can accumulate then the program is failing us. AARP Rewards, please rethink this. Thank you.

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@BeachGirl23  & @rednexsrus 


I agree with you both about increase, it solidified my post on the Sweeps being a (Points Graveyard). 


Soon and very soon, more space will required.


@Brightpool you're right that we will have to keep doing daily activities with the rolling points expiration and number of points to get daily max on Sweeps.  That's for those who do Sweeps, good luck to you😊.  The odds of winning is out of this world (Lost in Space)😴.


This isn't what we were told at the end of R4G,  still waiting for the hype to kick in that we were promised.


Disappointed, but hopefully it will get better.  


Have a Blessed Day



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On the other hand, our points will expire now in a rolling 12-month period, anyway. The points we accumulated last October will phase out and drop off our total points by November if I understand it correctly, and so on for each month after that. So, if you don't use them, you'll lose them instead of amassing whatever points you might have done, otherwise.


If you don't earn more points along the way, eventually, you'll end up back at zero. If you do the crossword puzzles each day, you might just keep up with redemptions of interest, including the higher points redeemed for sweepstakes and dailies. Engaging in other earning activities might even keep you ahead for a while.


Good luck.


Stay well and enjoy!




My understanding is the rolling 12 month period is based on FIFO, first in - first out. So if you earned 1200 points last September and use 1200 points between last September and now, those points are used first. I realize some people have tons of points accumulated and this may be a problem for them, but I do not. At most I have accumulated 175K points so using points that are a year old is not a problem for me assuming there is something I want to use them on. I can easily see where my point balance would go down quickly if I were to enter contests that now cost 1250 points (10 X 125 points) which used to cost 250 points (5 X 50 points). 


It is fine, but unfortunately I just see it as the beginning of higher point costs for the user. I do hope I am wrong. 


I appreciate your input. Thank you.

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No, BeachGirl23  I am afraid you are not wrong.

Between the current points increase required to enter the sweeps (10 X 125 up from 5 X 50 ) ( when we go to 20 entries later this month it will go much higher, 20 X 125 ?) to points expiring under this suspicious rolling 12 month change, I don't think it will be a problem for the members who have worked so hard to earn their rewards points.  

One million points will disappear very fast

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