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Earn activities 'mouse hovering annoyance' issues

I agree with comments posted by @ralmon  “Another annoyance: when the mouse is over one of the Earn activities, the whole rectangle gets over written by a black bar with what appears to be a brief explanation of the activity. This is terrible user experience code. Regular HTML has already had a tooltip feature built in for over a decade. This reinvention of that feature using Javascript is neither useful nor attractive.”


Like when trying to view the video “3 Stretches to Relieve Hip Pain.” …the screen blocks the original title with “hip hip hooray!” That makes it difficult to tell if you have the correct video ...& every time you scroll down to "view more" it keeps switching the titles back &'s really frustrating!!

Also...there is nothing ‘cutesy’ about hip ...or any other type of pain…. It seems these are made by younger people with great technical skills but unfortunately not enough empathy….towards the intended targeted older age group, ...especially because many of us have terrible pain, as well as limited eyesight, mobility, & coordination issues, whether in fingers, wrists or hands or trying to stay seated at a computer with back or spinal issues to try to take these quizzes & watch videos for points!

Please remove these distractions & return to the original format!

Thank you


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Agreed!  The black banner over earning opportunities is a nuisance; I do not recognize a value for it.  I have posted about this before.  The page jerks around with the black banners popping up constantly as I roll over earnings options.


@shamit I do not see the length of a video from the black banner.  I use the Chrome browser on a laptop computer.  Are you using another device and can see the video length?



Some of use would really like this feature rolled back.  We have some experience with it now and it is still kind of irritating.  Thanks so much.


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The black bars were annoying at first, but I have gotten used to them.  If you hover your mouse over the bars when choosing videos to watch, it will show the length of the video in minutes.  As stated by @shamit,  it's a nice perk to save time and not have to click on each video to see how much time it will take to view. 

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Here we are just over 2 months later.

I still hate the bar that changes each item as I roll my mouse over it. I mentioned in my earlier reply that I could get used to it. I was wrong. I barely tolerate it, just because I must in order to activate each item and earn the points toward their ultimate demise, either through redeeming or by not using them all within a rolling 12-month period.

Please, oh, please, oh, please get rid of those nasty bars and go back to a more user-friendly outline of the item on rollover or something much less obtrusive, at least, as just about everybody else in the ether world does.

I realize that someone put in a lot of effort to make those nasty dark bars, but they are not nice. They are not friendly. They are distracting. They are mean. And, mostly, they are not user-friendly in any way.

Also, I ask of my AARP friends: Don't just read these remarks and move along. Reply and give your own comments about this. If 3 or 4 people complain, nothing will be done. If 3,000 people complain, maybe something will be done about it. And, if all of us complain, how will they justify leaving it as it is?

Stay well and enjoy!


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OK. I'll reply.  At first I really hated it.  I have gotten used to it (somewhat).  I like they have now added how long a video is.  I like not having to click on it and find out it is a long video.  Some have been an hour and half long for only 300 points.  If they hadn't added that feature I would be all for doing away with the dark bars.

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I agree about having a bold banner pop over an item I might want to click on. Sure, I can get used to it, but I'd rather not have to go to that much trouble of clicking a cutesy, dark grey banner that has little to do with the title I wanted and hoping that I do get the activity I wanted.


Stay well and enjoy!


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Thank you for replying @Brightpool 

I totally agree with your comments!

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@Therapist4u @ralmon @AARPTeri 


I was thinking about how to articulate the problem with the "black bar" covering an activity while trying to earn points.  I couldn't agree with you guys more, but, I admittedly don't fully understand Therapist4u's references to Javascript or HTML.


Well, my point is that the activities list was fine before the flashy, flickering "improvements."  I hope that the improvements are rolled back and I also hope that management finds my thoughts helpful rather than just negative. 


Take care,

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Thank you for replying @andrewtoo 

I agree with your comments “the activities list was fine before the flashy, flickering "improvements."  I hope that the improvements are rolled back”

....& also hope that management finds our thoughts helpful rather than just negative.

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