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Ace Badge Gone

Hello Rewards Warriors


I just noticed my Ace badge is gone😮  First person to get the badge, and still shows I'm ACE in profile, yet not attached to user name.  


I counted 26 Post with Kudos for the month of August starting at 8/4/20 thru today and the month isn't over, but required (25) kudos is faded out.  Went back to see post starting with the 8/1 and all gone but 8/28 and 8/29.  Maybe this is why Community email is going to Spam😮


Can anyone see it?


@AARPTeri @AARPLauraM @AARPCaroline what happened to my ACE badge?  Did I do something wrong?  Please let me know why badge disappeared and will it show again😊 Thanks


Have a Blessed Day

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Marylin I just clicked on your user name to view your profile... there's only 1 info box filled & has about getting an ace badge 

That's what I see.... appears info gone

Good luck 

Ginger ;  )

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Marylin that's strange

Hope returns

I'd removed mine for bit then put back

Is it possible you hit something in your profile that removed it? 

Have a happy day

Ginger :  )

🙂 Smile & the world Smiles with you 😉 Pass one on....its free
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@mi4090   Have to post just to see if mine is still there.   Hope you get yours back.

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Hey @mi4090 


I don't understand it but you are not displaying the ACE badge and it is 11PM ET.  It is strange because you have been one of the most active people in our forums.  I see the badge on my posts but I don't know if others see it.


Now that you have posted about the issue then maybe it will get some attention.


Take care,


@mi4090. @andrewtoo 


FYI:  I see the red ace badge on @andrewtoo postings  but don't see the badge for @mi4090.