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Do you take baby aspirin daily?

There are several reasons that people are told to take baby aspirin every day, do you take it?  Why?

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I started taking an 81mg baby aspirin because of an article I had read about the benefits for your vascular system. Probably in an AARP publication. I’ve told my doctor and he’s never said to stop taking it so I’ve been taking one a day for about 5 years. I do understand there is a down side, the internal bleeding, but so far I have had no problems.

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@ReTiReD51 - Wouldn't it be better to ask your doctor what test(s) would indicate whether you have a problem/impending problem with your vascular system, and then see if you need aspirin at all? I'd be leary of reading any one-size-fits-all health article, and without being tested personally, start medicating myself .. then depend on a non-response from a doctor, to keep doing it.

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HavING vascular tests, which are anything but inexpensive, as one member suggests, sounds like a marginally ok idea before starting to take low-dose aspirin (there's some risk to some common such tests) but who's going to pay for them? You could easily get into the thousands of dollars, and you can bet Midicare and the vast majority (if not all) private insurance companies aren't going to pay. It's an entirely unworkable siggestion for all but those with the resources and desire to pay on their own.

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@AARPTeri I'm having enough trouble acting my age: I don't need baby anything. LOL!


OK, getting serious: I did for a while while menopausal. My heart would practically beat my chest cavity to death, so while I was preparing the herbal remedy (motherwort tincture, which must be started at the height of the plant's bloom, and then requires a minimum of 6 weeks to brew) I took a baby aspirin nearly every day.


My heart's erratic beating would keep me up all night. Given that my father had heart problems, I was worried about dying in my sleep. The aspirin helped some, but the tincture removed the symptoms entirely. (Motherwort is actually good for your heart! See this from WebMD:


I've been off even the motherwort now for 3 years. Yahoo! And the good news is that the doctor says I have a very strong heart and should not worry about ending up with Dad's issues. Fingers crossed.



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