Controlled substance laws unfair to Seniors

If you suffer from chronic pain and require a controlled drug in order to live

a some what normal life.  Please Read.


Im 66 yrs old, have a chronic back problem that requires opioids daily in order to Lead a normal life.   The government has put so many restrictions on these drugs , doctors and pharmacies that it is making my life and I assume allot of other honest folks miserable.  


I would like to form form a group or organization to fight Washington and get them to rewrite some of these laws to lesson the restrictions on chronic pain patients.   Please reply to this post with comments or suggestions.  I’m open to

any and all ideas, please don’t bash me , I’m suffering and would like to travel for more than 30 days at a time, but due to current perscribing laws, I cannot.

if you like, PM me  [private email address removed from public view to protect your privacy].   Let’s stand up for our rights ! 

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A possible, but, unlikely solution to your problem is to switch to a Schedule IV opioid, which, depending on your state, allows a 90 day supply and 3 refills.  The problem is that you have to be genetically abnormal for any Schedule IV opioid to be effective. 


Some are








I regularly take pentazocine/naloxone with good results.  I have tried the other two and butorphanol is also effective for me.  Tramadol has no noticeable effect on me.  I reiterate, it is genetic.



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Of course, they are unfair but your viewpoint is shallow in that you don't know who your enemies are and I do.  The cause of the problem is overwhelming sympathy for the self inflicted injuries of drug abusers within our culture.  And, the prevailing sympathizers of those with self inflicted injuries are Liberals.


Drug abusers should not only be allowed to kill themselves, it should be encouraged.  I have the opposite of sympathy for drug abusers because they and their liberal guardians decrease my quality of life.



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