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Windows Defender

I get periodic notices to scan  Defender, so I do the quick scan.What about the more complete scans that never seem to actually complete ? I have heard these don't even need to be done. Anyone ?

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I have McAfee Total Protection. For my desktop which is on 24/7 it does a scan automatically once a week when I am not using the computer. My other computers start and run a scan when I have them on ( when it has been over a week since the last scan). 


I use Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool too. You can find it under view update history in Settings>Update and security>Windows Update.




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My suggestion would be to disable Defender completely and invest in a complete antivirus program.  I have been using ESET for 20 years and have never been infected.  BitDefender and Kaspersky are also good choices.  Stay away from Norton/Symantec and McAfee.


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I have to open with a caveat - although I haven't removed it from my system, I often think of it as Windows Offender instead of Windows Defender (now known as Microsoft Offender...I mean Defender).  In my experience the best way to run a full scan was to set the Windows Power Options so the system would keep running all night, and start a full scan before going to I stopped doing it.

If you have not already done so, it might be a good idea to spring for a 3rd party security package.

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