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About Duck Duck Go

Do you use this browser ? I hear good things about it. Can one use it along with another browser ?

Don't have to close out my favorite one to install another ? I've been told 2 browsers' don't mix'

Doesn't make sense. 🤔

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As others pointed out, Duck Duck Go is a search engine and not a browser in Windows. I have used it for many years. The search results are similar to Google search most of the time. I never have problem with it. I have never research whether there is advantage in using it. In Android cell phones, Duck Duck Go is actually a browser. One can choose it as the default browser for the phone.

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I've used Duck Duck Go for a long time and have had no problems. It's not a browser though, it's a search engine. Same as Google or Yahoo.

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It cuts down on being monitored. I use chrome inside google and use the DUCK app. I see know problem. Nothing slows down.


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Duck Duck Go is not a Browser (like Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari), it is a Search Engine (like Bing, Google or Yahoo).  It does, however, offer a Firefox extension aimed at increasing privacy while searching/surfing the Web.

Duck Duck Go's stated purpose is to help preserve privacy on the internet, and claims to keep No Record of Searches or Pages visited.  It also offers Tips and Suggestions aimed at reducing your internet footprint.

If you want to try it all you have to do is update your browser settings (Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari) to make it your Default Search Engine and Homepage (  You don't have to install anything.

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