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Is the growing uproar over Tik Tok a Tech issue?

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Is the growing uproar over Tik Tok a Tech issue?

If so then, specifically, why and to what extent?

If not, is the real problem that human cultures elevate ego-maniacal bullies to such levels that this is just an example of the biggest bullies on the playground engaged in a shouting match that will only have significant consequences for others on the playground who are just trying to get through the day peacefully?


Please limit opinions to Socio/Cultural, Spiritual and Tech, etc. assessments...NO POLITICS.

Full disclosure: Personally I have refused to use and/or discontinued use of apps in the past based, in part, on a pragmatic assessment of the general quality of the relationship between cultures and what that might mean in terms of possible ramifications.


Most of the apps we use, including TicToc, will collect a boatload of info on us, our habits, locations, interests, and behaviors. The TicToc data is stored in the US on Oracle servers and maintained by US employees. If the Chinese government wanted that data, I'm guessing that they could figure out a way to get at it or duplicate it to locations under their control. I don't think they would be stealing our money or other property, but they might have an interest in influencing our views and decisions (like the bots on Facebook?). Once we figured out they had the data, I'm sure TicToc would be shut down in America and the stolen data would probably age out and become less useful over time. I suspect @EricC28201 is correct and this is mostly a political overreaction to our currently fragile relationship with China.


It is prudent, I think, that anyone involved with government or military activities does not have TicToc installed on any device they carry around on a daily basis.

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I thought it was because the government suspected privacy issues and national security issues ?  

I don't know - never use it.

I just read that New Zealand is the most recent country that has limited its access.

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