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AARP Caregiving Summer Break Contest

I'm a caretaker for my mom and watching her struggle is not easy but, I wouldn't change it for the world! Spending this time with her will surely become memories that I will cherish! I wish I had more finanical stablilty to be able to do things that she's always wanted to do in her life but was never able to! Nothing to lavish but something simple like going to the Biltmore Estate! She's always talked about it! I'm still just proud that I'm stepping up for my mom like she's done for me my whole life! 


I lost my husband years before I lost him. 


My husband was diagnosed with a horrible dual diagnosis of FTD-ALS (Frontal Temporal Dementia and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). What turned out to be our last wedding anniversary (26th) was an act of love and detailed planning on my part in order to have a safe summer getaway celebration to our beloved cabin, our favorite place on earth. I bought and learned how to use a generator, so he could use his bipap machine to help him breathe (our cabin had no electricity). I arranged to get a dog sitter, so the three weimeraners wouldn't bump into him using his walker in the small space of our cabin. I brought his special food and all the paraphernalia to feed him in his feeding tube. And I brought all his bottles of medication to slow the disease.


I now have the memories of our one summer getaway that last summer with my husband.


miki paul

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