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Vacations are for everyone

I am not sure I am eligible to submit this story as mother passed away from complications of Alzheimers.I was her caregiver for many years and can relate to the need and joy a vacation with your loved one can provide for everyone.  I would take my mother to what were familiar places to trigger a memory or a light in her eyes:  church, old friends, animal related sites, nature walks (or rides) and looking regularly at a picture book of memories that I had prepared through the years which got dimmer and dimmer.  Here are some helpful hints for readers who find themselves in a similar situation:  bring all needed equipment such as wheelchair, walker, cane, supportive shoes, incontinent supplies if applicable, med alert ID, plenty of water and snacks, medication needed during your outting, extra clothing and seasonal gear, and most important a positive attitude and a light and giving heart.  Yes, things may not go as planned but smile and do a little problem solving and by all means, look forward to your next special time together.  I cherish these memories and so will you.

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