Hartfort auto insurance

So we have a pretty decent car insurance but now they raised their prices a little claiming the costs

in our area have gone up.

Well checking a quote (same specs as we have now) turned out to be the Hartford is ca. $800 more expensive per year!

Isn't Hartford one of these insurers to claim people save $500 by switching, don't they claim it's for people over 50, don't they claim AARP members get a discount?

Well... not so much.  Then I tried the online chat feature which turned out to be another waste of time.

The guy at the other end was one of these 'pre-programed generic answer guys'

no help at all.


The advertisement for The Hartford in the AARP magazine is misleading.

1. They "say" on average AARP members who "SWITCHED" reported they saved a minimum of $500. What about those who did not switch? 

2. The headline for the ad says "SWITCH & SAVE. This suggests anyone who switches will save. Which is not true !

3. I remember in a statistics class in college where it was said that "if 2/3 of fatalities in drunk driving accidents are caused by non intoxicated people,then that means only 1/3 of fatalities are caused by drunk drivers",suggesting you have less chance of causing a fatal accident if you drink! So wording is important and should not be decieving! But then again we are talking about insurance sales here.


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@JuergS27840 I totally agree. While I've been with AARPHartford for many years now, both home and auto, I am tired of the increases every year! It used to be that when your car got older your insurance went down. This has never happened with Hartford unless I changed my deductibles. It's time to look for a new insurance company.

This AARP is not for any benefit for people making under $40,000 a year. It is set up for wealthy people making over $100,000 a year on Social retirement and a pension. If you don't have an investment portfolio you don't need this extra yearly cost for their services. There are no benefits for us Low-income people. Only people who retired 20 years ago and had a job for 25 years can benefit from sites like this.

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Hartford's quotes were both more expensive then both Geico and Progressive which I currently use.  I am over 65 with a perfect driving record and so is my wife.  How can AARP allow this misleading advertising saving over $500 from Geico and Progressive?  Guessing big contributions from AARP. Time for AARP to look for a new insurance partner in my opinion.  I asked AARP to quit sending Hartford mailings to me.  

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Are you comparing apples to apples?  Premiums and any Savings are always based on the coverage one desires for their best interest. 


Do your other policies cover the same type offers like:

  • New car replacement coverage
  • RecoverCare – Assistance After an Accident
  • Lifetime Car Repair Assurance
  • 24/7 Car Insurance Claims Hotline
  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Disappearing Deductible for Auto Insurance
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance for AARP Members
  • AND MORE . . . . (see the full Auto Insurance Features) 

Some of these things maybe of no interest to you - but to others, they may hold a good bit of value depending on what they want.



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@postman29 wrote

. . . . I am tired of the increases every year! It used to be that when your car got older your insurance went down.


Think about what auto insurance covers -

If one's OLD car hits a NEW car - the new car may cost upwards of $ 35,000 if is a loss.  Repair cost on newer vehicles are also much higher with all the technology included.

Then what if it happens to be one of the new EV - $ 50,000 OR MORE.  These cost are rising rapidly right now - even used cars have inflated values currently.


It isn't just about one's own car - it is also about the driver too - the age of the driver brings higher rates as well as where one might live and surrounding area and the amount of traffic.  The insurer also take one's credit rating into account also since they are extending one credit for premium cost or if not premium, the deductible if there is an accident involving another.


There is a lot that is covered in auto insurance - Comprehensive, Collision - a person can control these to a certain extent or even drop them because they involve ones' own vehicle. The owner of the vehicle just takes the $$$$ responsibility for their own car.


But liability is a different story - both people and property - is a given and even mandated in most all state - maybe all of them.  That's where the cost soar - and it certainly is a good idea not to skimp on the amount of liability coverage - whether within the auto policy or as added protection - an umbrella liability policy that adds to both auto and home liability amounts.  Insuring ones self up to what financial damage could be exerted upon them - if there is an accident.


Then there is UNinsured and UNDERinsured motorist - personal and property - just in case such an un/under insured person damages your property or self.  




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@GailL1 I don't need to think about the costs as I wasn't born yesterday. I am well aware of everything that goes into insurance but it doesn't mean that things weren't expensive in the past and yet my insurance still my went down. I owned many expensive sports cars, had a great driving record as I do now, had a great credit score as I do now, and my insurance premium went down year to year as my cars aged. That is the example that I'm using. The only thing that I will agree with you on is that we are paying extra for the actions of the uninsured and underinsured motorist, which seems to be an unfair way of penalizing good insured drivers. 

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@postman29 wrote:

The only thing that I will agree with you on is that we are paying extra for the actions of the uninsured and underinsured motorist, which seems to be an unfair way of penalizing good insured drivers. 

If you are driving an old / older car -  the UN/UNDER insured coverage shouldn't be too bad - at least on the property coverage.

It is the liability cost that is sky-rocketing under regular auto coverage as well as the UN/UNDER insured coverage and on any umbrella liability coverage one might have.


Age is that other factor that we can't do anything about - I think 70 is the magic age when cost start to rise and then it keeps on going up.  


Don't know where you live but I know where I live that traffic (because of more and more people) is also something that we can't control within our coverage.  And it seems that everybody is driving a car that is much younger than mine.  


I have removed the collision coverage from my old car (2001 Honda Accord EX)  - that helped some - at least it helped balance out somewhat the increase in liability cost that keeps going up.  

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