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Started a story in the Entertainment forum in Leisure and Lifestyle.  Until a few days ago, it was fine.  We log in, go to the next window, reply and add to the story.  It's not doing that now. The Topic Heading is Start A Story, and it has turned into a complete jumble the last few days, posting is not in order.  Need some tech help.  Is there a simple way to correct this problem? Thank You, Rhymesometimes

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I just looked at your topic and I didn't see a problem. See second image below as to how I sorted the replies. Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it. See image below as to how to complete (activate image to larger size) enlargement of image.



Image Two


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@cat0w Thank you for following up.  I found a way to get the last few entries into proper date order last night, and tested it out.  I think the problem was that two people were submitting something at the same time.  I'm far from a tech sort of person, but there was a simple fix, and I will now be able to continue with the story.   Looking for more people to write on the "Start A Story " on Leisure and Lifestyle.  It's been a lot of fun having a collaborative story writing project.

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I finally got them in date/time order by working with "My Settings"

This is how I did it just in case it comes back up again with this thread or another one.


Then choose Preferences

Then choose Display

Then set it up like this: (see pic #1) - Linear Layout; Absolute Dates - then SAVE

Keep going ( see instructions below Pic #1 below)


Picture #1 

AARP Settings for date order.PNG



Then Go to Linear Layout

Check OLDEST First in the sort order and then SAVE

Here is a screen shot (Pic #2)


AARP Settings for date order Linear Layout.PNG


Once you have SAVED all of these changes, when you go back to the Thread of "Start A Story" in the Life & Leisure Board - all the post are in date/time order - but the initial beginning post will show up at the top of each page - past that, they all continue in date/time order.


Now if @cat0w or @AARPMichaelP can just tell us/me how to keep these setting on JUST this thread and maybe others where the date/time order is of utmost importance (like the song one - @Anonymous ) then it should work.  I just don't want all my reading on this AARP Community board to be this way - I want them in reply order.  Is that possible ?? - To have different settings for different threads?????



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@GailL1 thx for tips  Hopefully we don't have that problem again.  Will be continuing the story.

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Hi @GailL1 unfortunately I cannot use the AARP Board Settings on my Android. It keeps freezing up. I had talked with @AARPMichaelP about this. 😭 But your suggestion will work on a laptop, computer, and so on. Thanks.

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Sorry -

yea, I just read on my iphone (don't post anything long on it)  or my ipad (ipad is very old) -

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Hey Ms./Mr. Expert @cat0w hmmm care to help us out with our jumbled Song thread in the Front Porch Home? 👋 Lol, we post, cannot find it. 🤣😂 I started a new thread yesterday (Friday) and nearly went to AARP Jail. 😱 Moderator merged my new thread with Dave's old Song thread that he created in 2012, up to about 800 pages!!!  Lol now we cannot fnd my new thread. 🤣😂 No biggie if not fixable, but it was really fun getting the game going again with new thread. 😭 Folks had stated old thread was a black hole and I agreed. Could not find new posts I had received AARP emails notifying me of. Yes I had subscribed to old and new threads. I am sure @DaveMcK would appreciate your expertise. 😉

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