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January 2023 Sweepstakes Winners

January 2023 Sweepstakes Winners

1 -  Congratulations to the January 2023  Monthly Sweepstakes Winners


Click Here  ---->  245438_SW.pdf (


The Monthly Sweepstakes & Weekly/ Daily Instant Win


Sweepstakes are working using PDF links. 


2 -  Latest  Weekly/ Daily Instant Win  Sweepstakes Winners List


To View  The Most Recent Daily Instant Winners


Click Here  ---->   245438_IW.pdf ( 


😎  This post has been edited/ updated from its original.

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Same with the IWs... not been updated since Jan 18th. Not that it matters, because it doesn't take a detective to see the same names winning over and over, again. It's actually surprising how often the same names win. I've accepted that I will still enter these instant wins, with zero expectation of winning, as with any sweepstakes. I just love losing. 😉


Smile! It's just a shell game. Ha! 🙂 


Lothar and the Hand People - It Comes on Anyhow 






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