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Videos no longer available

Today I noticed that almost half of the videos I usually watch daily (to improve balance and do stretching exercises) are no longer available.  I am new to AARP rewards, so I am not sure if this normally happens at the beginning of a new year.  The format of the mini crossword has also changed.


In "Earn Activities" Forum - an AARP Moderator announced a 'change'...-----> Video Earning Changes - AARP Online Community


"‎01-10-2023 06:05 PM
Video Earning Changes
Hey Rewards users –

We wanted to give you a heads up on a change you might notice tomorrow.  We will be changing quite a few of our videos from daily earning to weekly earning, a small few will change to monthly.  There will still be plenty of daily videos that continue to allow for daily earning.  


AARP continuously evaluates earning activities, removes old ones, adds new ones, and changes frequency of earning based on program needs. 


Yeah, the 'Mini Crossword Puzzle for Points' did change.  ---> Solved: Re: Daily Mini Crossword - new layout - AARP Online Community
Every New Year 'does not mean a change of formats'  - changes/ updates/ upgrades/ fixes - are all 'random/ fluid' thru out the year. 
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Thanks for the info.  I wasn't familiar with the forum you mentioned, so didn't see that post.

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Nor was I, Renate... but I did find my regular relaxation videos after going through multiple pages; seems some offbeat alphabetization ( ? ) but they're still there...


AARP apparently wants to keep us "on our toes"; the site was not working then it was; then they decide to change simple things; let's hope that doesn't break what was finally fixed...



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