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I a retiring soon and would like to find a work from home type of job.  Where do I begin a search for these type of jobs?  Any experience and advice would be greatly appreciated.  

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Hello Cheryl:


Working remotely requires a lot of research and finding the right job that will allow you the flexibility to do so.  You have to be willing to work other than a 9-5 job and on weekends.  Most remote jobs I have researched requires a person to have experience in that field and willing to cold call customers and provide support.  

I have been looking for the same and have been doing so for the past three months since I became unemployed.  I have a part time notary business which does not pay much but am looking to expand and re-open under a different name and provide additional legal service.  My experience in the legal field will allow me to expand on that work and moreso provide contract work.  

I would suggest looking at medical billing, data entry and or customer support to begin.  The health field is stronger than ever and needs people with experience to assist in billing and or even medical transcribing.  If you have the funds you can even open your own business and provide the support.  

You can also take a course in whatever you choose to provide that extra credential which is also a good lead in promoting your resume.  

Good luck!

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