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Unemployed and feeling lost

I'm 59. No one will hire me even though I have skills. I am at a loss on what to do anymore.


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@IsThereAFutureForMe It may or may not be that simple (age 59 and skills).


Do you have a well written resume with no spelling or grammar errors? If you have interviewed, were you prepared for the interview? By that, are you aware of the 'standard' questions that are asked and have good answers to them? Did you dress properly,? Did you make constant eye contact? Do you have a firm handshake? Do you speak well and present yourself well?

    I've posted, in the past, that I used to do some interviewing (on the corporate side). I'm very much aware of how many people failed to do the basics of a good resume and interview. It's not enough to have 'skills'. Presenting yourself in a positive manner is just as important.

   There is a great deal of information on the net explaining what you need to do to prepare a good resume and have an excellent interview.  I don't know if anything I've posted here pertains to you or not. I do know that a great many people do not have resume or interviewing skills and think, wrongly, that their skills and vast experience will win them a job. No, good or bad, personality counts.

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