Still rocking at 58 and hoping to hang on until I am in my 90s

As long as I remember to do physical therapy at work, I am able to keep my body in shape.  that way as the years pass, I will still look young.  And it make the HR and the head boss think twice about asking me to retire once I get in my 60s.  The way the government has been behaving, I chose to continue working until; I get into my 90s.  That way, I will still be able to build up more money for when I do make the decision for when I retire.  I am hoping that at Mercy, I continue to hold on until; I get in my 90s.  Many people who works with me learn quite a bit and some may even say that they have a man at the age of 58 with the strength of a man at the age of 28.  I always think to myself, why do something stupid such as retire at the age of 58 when I have lots of strength left in me.  Amercia's Got Talent teaches other talent shows how they should operate.  And Mercy shows how many places of employment should operate.  You look for the talent and that's all.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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I like your post! It's encouraging. Thank you.

I'm 59 and have been told I look younger. However, a government job let me go after I was there for 2.5 years right before I was supposed to become permament. I am really confused and feeling overwhelmed on what to do.

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