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Tricks to use in an interview and on the job application to get you in the door


Tricks to use in an interview and on the job application to get you in the door

There are several videos out there on YouTube that could be helpful tools in working on your resume or interview so that way you can "lure" the HR and CEO into hiring you at your current age of over 50.  When you lure them with tricks like cutting down on the amount of experience you have with other jobs, they feel that they are slapped with no choice but to hire you.  Some job skills may say "This job requires the applicant to be able to lift over 50 pounds".  And with a job requiring you to be able to lift over 50 pounds, when was the last time you have been to the gym.  I have seen people that are in their 70s that still can lift heavy things.  While most school buses on the road these days come with automatic transmissioins and air driven doors, there are still a few on the road that are bulit old school wise like having a manual door control and are still manually shifted.  Many of us could remember the days when to drive a school bus, it was the other way around.  If you put on the resume and/or mention in a job interview that you can lift heavy pounds and make regular trips to the gym, that could lure them into hiring you.

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