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SCS Software could use more help to speed up production of a video game


SCS Software could use more help to speed up production of a video game

Hey.  If you like making children happy and it's the kids that adore video games, SCS Software could have a job for you.  I wrote to my county executive in St. Louis about the idea of possibly opening a new SCS Software branch here in the US and it could be in South St. Louis County or in Clayton, MO.  Although the headquarters of the computer video game company is in the Czech Republic, and Pavel Sebor is the head of the company, he would be very happy if we applied for a job working with him.  He just really wants more artists to create more states for American Truck Simulator.  Now imagine if we could even make what are called "Mods" for the game such as the trucks that we grew up with such as the B model Macks, the GMC Astro 95 cabovers, Diamond T trucks, etc.  Many of us even remember Route 66.  Send them an email and tell them your talents that you may want to share with them.


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