Ways to make it easier to detect Age discrimination in the workplace and severe punishment for it

We all know that still age discrimination is pretty hard to prove once it has been discovered by one employee. However, we need to write congress urging them to add more teeth and finding ways to make it easier to prove that age discrimination was committed in the workplace.  If your boss calls you names such as "dinosaur", or "gramps" or "old fart", name calling like that is what the boss might think is funny but to the "victim", it really isn't funny at all.  If conversation going on includes "What's the ancient guy doing here?", that should also call for some red flags.  Using that kind of language especially in a public place such as a grocery store or in a shopping mall or the airport, that should be grounds for termination.  But what if the person owning the place then says it's free speech even though the owner of the place could really be trying to argue or get smart about it.  


"Fining" someone for it is good if you make the fine severe. So severe that it would make the person think twice before saying anything stupid.  I have seen some companies did get sued for about $8 million or so.  But to me, that might be just a slap on the wrist.  Now $8 billion would sound very steep but a "fine" like that would make anyone think twice before stepping out of line.  So if we want people who own major employment centers to know that age discrimination or any language used that is pro-age discriminatory is not okay.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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