Navigator for a moving company

Navigators are really useful.  Moving companies can find a person our age to sit in the passenger seat of the big moving truck and tell the driver where to turn.  That is because some of these electronic navigation GPS devices can sometimes be more like rubbish than useful.  And when it comes to backing the big beast up into a driveway, someone our age could be the one communicating with the driver and checking to see if the driver is clear.  It's like having a 2nd set of eyes for the truck.  Sometimes, when they on the road, and something goes wrong, they can tell the driver how to get out of trouble.  Many moving companies also buy trucks with automatic transmissions and have a ton of stuff to make it easier for people our age to handle the big thing.  So now, things like this would leave the moving company with no choice but to hunt only for the talent and that's all.  

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