💼 MANDATORY Retirement?

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I had been seeing my 68-year old neighbor's car at home for a few weeks. Wondered that maybe she was on vacation or car pooling. Her son checks on her, so I knew she was okay and not laying somewhere in her apartment hurt. She has a 2-storey townhouse with all bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. So her stairs do concern me for falling.


Today she stopped by to tell me her job had forced her to retire.


Lol, a spicy old lady that is not ready to go sit down and die. She loved her job and was talking of fighting them. She had to this January when she had caught COVID.


I told her NOT to waste her time or money as this is Roanoke, Virginia where it "seems" victims have NO RIGHTS. She "calmed down" and starts a NEW "similar" job on Monday.


Hmmm, ironic this other company is "willing" to HIRE her for SAME job at age 68. She is ABLE and so "unfair" they pushed her out their door.


Nicole 🙂

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(1 comment) UPDATE.

I had thought she meant 5am and not 5pm when she said she starts at 5.

Poor dear lady has to be at work at 5pm and work overnight.

Her old job was very early.

At age 68, I hope she paces herself and is careful driving home after what looks like a 12+ hour shift. Yikes! 😱

I can never sleep during the day around here and hope she can.

Nicole 🙂

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It is totally disgusting that some companies would pull something as stupid as creating a harsh job and finding a way to get rid of her because of her age.  If the company went and really went out of their minds by imposing an upper age limit like at about 30 or so, pretending that they are the creators of American Idol, I say, "Shame on them!"  

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