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๐Ÿ’ผ In YOUR Opinion, Are ROBOTS The Answer To Labor Shortage?

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๐Ÿ—ฃBy KAVITA KUMAR , STAR TRIBUNE. April 22, 2023 - 3:52 PM.


ARTICLE TITLE: Minnesota restaurants, senior homes turn to robots amid labor shortage.


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This one deserves a #Codedbias.

...Now I'm going to head out to left field because this is not a particularly new development...not even the apparent 'advanced' development of the robot in the article.  Japan has been deploying robots like this in its own territory for years now.

  What gets marketed as A.I. these days is nowhere near ready to take over the world and destroy or enslave humanity.  The most immediate, existential hazard posed by what currently passes for A.I. is how little we understand the human mind and our own thought and behavioral processes.  A.I. in its current state is still just elaborately developed software.  Software code written by human beings who, either consciously or unconsciously, write their own personal biases into the code.

What seems surprising is that these things (robots & A.I.) don't seem to be turning up in any widely publicized conspiracy theories...especially regarding Climate Change.  I mean even that nutjob down in Texas who went bananas over Sandy Hook could put together a seemingly cogent argument on the topic. 

For Example:  'The Super Rich who consider themselves the very epitome of human development are using Climate Change to cull the human population.  That's why the response has been so inept.  When it is done, we will be replaced by robots and what passes, today, for A.I.'.

When it comes to Technology, the questions always seem to be off track i.e. 'Should we develop it?'. 

Far more important than whether we develop technology is how we develop it, how we use it, and whether or not technology is an element of Natural Selection for sentient species.

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all had technologies to terminate pregnancy and we're so insane we're still (thousands of years later) arguing over whether it should exist rather than the safe-est most appropriate way to use it.

Then there is the question of whether species can develop technology so much faster than they develop the prosocial cultural values and skills to cope with it that they end up wiping themselves out with their own technology.

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(1 comment) Instead of IMPROVING working conditions, pay and benefits, they are spending way too much on robots.


What happens when a robot malfunctions?


What about repair costs?


No, this is CREATING more "problems" and adding to our economic issues. TREAT employees in a "humane" way and they will STAY and tell others what a GREAT place it is to work.


Nicole ๐Ÿ™‚

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As soon as ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is perfected, we, as humans, better be aware that we may not be able to control the robots of the future. Our species might be threatened by robots that are aware and learn from their awareness. That is why so many scientists are saying to slow down our perfection of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE until we get a handle on what we are getting ourselves into.

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