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Get ready for age-related interview questions: Tip #3

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Get ready for age-related interview questions: Tip #3

For the next tip, I tapped into the expertise of AARP Work & Jobs Editor Kenneth Terrell.


According to an AARP survey, in 2020, 41 percent of older job seekers said they were asked (either on an application or in an interview) to provide their birth date, graduation date or other age-related information. For older applicants who are worried that their age may prevent them from getting hired, questions like these can make an interview even more tense.


For instance, what should you say when asked a question like, “Are you sure you don’t have too much experience for this job?” You don’t want to downplay your skills, but boasting about your experience too much may cause the hiring manager to choose a younger, less experienced candidate. Career coaches suggest saying, for example, that the new position would enable you to use the skills you developed earlier in your career in new ways that could help the company. 


For more guidance on how to get ready for tough interview questions, read this article or take this quiz.


About: Kenneth Terrell covers employment, age discrimination, work and jobs, careers and the federal government for AARP.

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