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Newer buses are easier to drive and why you should apply to drive for Metro

Here are some of the perks about driving the much newer buses compared to the ones we grew up with.  The windshield wipers are mostly designed to get as much snow and rain off the windshield as possible.  And now Metro purchasing more and more electric buses, this means you would NOT be getting a headache trying to drive one because the electric buses are super quiet.  The steering wheel system these days are well tailored to where YOU set it up to how YOU feel very comfortable with.  The buses that ran in regular service when we were young didn't have those options.  If they reopen the number 46 Tesson Ferry line, you might be picking up more people that are our age.  Now since there were some service cuts because of the shortage, now more than ever, Metro is begging for more operators.  At least they would be getting people that rather work than sit around and do stupid stuff.  I have seen some drivers that are our age that enjoys driving.  So click on the link and apply.



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