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Focus on What Matters in Your Job Search Efforts

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Focus on What Matters in Your Job Search Efforts

Greetings my fellow AARP members and Work & Jobs Online Community Team,

I hope you're having a pleasant day so far. Just wanted to share a few helpful reminders for those who are going through their job search process:

When applying....

Focus on the nature of the's main purpose....for example, if you're applying to a retail sales position, the main focus is sales, increase revenue/profits but at the same time, providing exceptional customer service and helping the customer with the best options. Thus, once you identify the main focus, then submit your application with information you possess that supports these main areas of focus-----facts and examples....evidence to help the hiring team to justify considering you for hire. Basically, put yourself in the place of the hiring team-----if you were seeking the best candidate to hire for your store, would you hire you based on the application you are about to submit? If no, then go back to ensure you have not inadvertently omitted any pertinent information you have to convert that answer of no to absolutely.

Also, I heard and have read sometimes candidates would omit certain info so that they hide their age for example, I heard a candidate indicate from someone who gave the candidate non-helpful advice by saying to them, "don't include the dates so they don't know how old you are..." Well, here's my recommendation, be honest and don't focus on age as a factor since if you have to hide that fact, then it's not a company I would recommend you pursue since if that is what they are seeking as a main reason, then it's not worth being a part of in my opinion.

Here at our company, I will assure you, we seek the best candidates and appreciate/embrace the wisdom/experience that comes with time/age. If you know of others who are a part of AT&T, you see what I mean. Also, to reconfirm this---we on many occasions welcome/hire retires back.

I'm currently directly supporting our wonderful retail hiring teams in the following states: AZ, AR, IL, KS, NM, MO and OK and we hire periodically throughout the year, so if I can be of help to you and other great people to consider any openings we have, please feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to do all I can to help.

By the way, I truly love my job (as I also expressed within my profile)---position I'm in and the opportunity to help those in need. I've helped many and look forward to helping you and your referrals should you have a need.

To all who are seeking a new or better career job, I wish you all the joy and success.


Maria Valdivieso
AT&T Talent Acquisition Manager
Human Resources- Employee Experience

AT&T Services, Inc.
300 North Point Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30005-4116
m: 404-769-6488 |
Follow me on Twitter: @RecruitingWhiz
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