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My husband and I are in need of an attorney that deals with social security disability in the Bismarck North Dakota area. SSDI has informed him they have over paid him by 50,000.00 and after completing the required paper to inform them they are mistaken we now received a letter stating my husband will not get a check for the next 2 years to cover the overage! Not only have they not over paid him but 10,000.00 was paid back to work force safety.(workmans comp) We need help!


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Sorry, can't recommend a specialize lawyer in your area but the rules on the amount of payment where SSDI and Workman's Comp are involved are pretty clear - if that is the reason for the overpayment.


SSA Publication: How Workers’ Compensation and Other Disability Payments May Affect Your Benefits


If that is the case, your best effort might be in negotiating an offer for the repayment.   Waivers are more difficult.  IF you feel you do need legal representation to do either of these - waiver or repayment, this is a commercial site that can give you a referral - all I know is that it is sponsored by NOLO.  I have no idea of their expertise - the site nor the lawyer they might refer.

How to Find A Lawyer To Help You Fight A Social Security Overpayment


If the overpayment is as described in the SSA link above,  you can verify the info they are using - make sure you check the figures they are using to compute that AVERAGE CURRENT EARNINGS figure.  The figure on which they base that 80%.





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