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Social Security issues

Good day,
I am at my wits end being in a foreign country and having SS issues. Let me lay out the issue as compactly as possible.
I am a US citizen currently residing in South Africa. I was born in Etowah,TN but moved to South Africa in 2000.
I recently applied for and received retirement SS as I am 64 years old. However, initially they sent 3 paper checks to me for three months which I could not cash due to there being no facilities for cashing in South Africa. I applied for and obtained a Direct Express electronic payment card, which all subsequent SS payments went into, on the 3rd of every month, with no hassle.
I recently sent the 3 uncashed checks back to the Federal Benefits Unit in London, which is the agency I am supposed to deal with as I reside in South Africa, on the 15th August, 2018. FBU then advised that they would send them on to the Treasury Department who would then in turn return the fnds to SSA, who will then reissue the payments to me into my Direct Express card.
However, for some reason, the SS payments have suddenly stopped and I have received no payment for September as yet. I am not sure what the issue is as I cannot get any answers from the FBU in London or the US Consulate here in Cape Town and have no idea where else to turn. If you could either assist me in finding out why the payments have stopped or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it so much as I rely on this income to survive and I am now stuck in a foreign country with no income. Please note I cannot make calls from South Africa to the USA as it is simply too expensive as well as the time difference. I have also tried emailing various TN state representatives with no answer from them either.
Thanking you for your time and consideration in this regard,
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Honored Social Butterfly

Hopefully some of these links from SSA can help you.


Sounds like you need to write to them directly - SSA - International Operations One of these links gives the address for contact on matters such as this.


Personally, I would send any correspondence the most secure and fastest route, if calling is not an option.  I would also make sure that you include as much specific detail on the matter as possible initially - hope you kept those check numbers that were suppose to be reissued as direct deposit - details would speed things up at least hopefully. - Social Security Benefits US Citizen Outside the US - Service Around the world -'Office of Earnings and International Operations


That's all I've got - Good Luck.


It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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