Social Security finally answered...then set the phone down by the TV (I could hear the soap opera)

This sounds humorous but actually it is not. I am trying to reach Social Security. They do not answer the phone, and appointments are not being taken at my local office. My income from 2020 is marked as $0 on my SS account online, but I worked full time all year (and am now). Since I plan to retire in December and start collecting benefits in January, I am really, really worried about the error. Need to reach a human to discuss.


So I called, and after a long, long hold, it finally rang, and the receiver was picked up...but no one ever even said "hello." I just head some movement, and then a faint television program, including commercials. Sounded like a soap opera. I called out "hello? hello?" louder and louder but no one ever came on the line. I suspect these employees are "working" from home, pretending to take calls, but in reality just sitting the receiver in front of the TV while they watch their soaps. 


Meanwhile, I'm frantic about my income not being logged. What do I do? How do I reach an actual human at SS? Thank you.

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Is this the number you called?

If you cannot reach your local office, you may call our National 800 Number toll-free at 1-800-772-1213


For more information use this link.

Contact Social Security By Phone | SSA

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I have had a similar issue trying to reach SSI locally. Try calling your telephone/cell information and request a 1-800 number.

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You should be able to call your local SS office.  If they can't help you by phone, request an in-person appointment.

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