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Second Stimulus Check

Why is that those receiving Social Social Security are eligible more than 1200 just because we don't have depend children just because we get monthly payments we struggling to make end meet on our once a month payment after we pay or rent and utilities then it becomes to toss up between eating and medication so we have it bad just as well those who have children we also deserve to be enriched by this Heros Act we need people help those. everyone whose receiving Social Security be enriched by the Hero Act to obtain equal amount as those who have dependent children we have experienced hardships also so why forget about us we need additional help also help us get little bit more than just 1200 dollar stimulus payment so can be able to get through these hard times also 





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There will be NO stimulus check this time for anyone. But they are going to give billions to pay off student loans, loans THEY decided to take out. The Post Office and many other things that leaves us out in the cold. Why not give us, seniors a helping hand also?

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The actual reason is because this was originally designed to help those who have been directly economically affected - job losses, business closures, etc.  In other words - those who are bringing home LESS bacon. 


Seniors and some other benefits groups were only given the same amount after advocacy groups such as AARP went to bat for them - I think initially it was only $ 600 since benefits to these groups were not cut in amount due to the Covid-19 virus.


So most people are getting the same amount -  there are some that are not eligible at all based on income, immigrant status. dependency status if over 17, tax filing status.

As a senior who meets the eligibility guidelines - you got $ 1200.

If you had been married - you and your spouse would have gotten $ 2400

If you had had a dependent less than 17 years old - you would have gotten $ 500 per


I know many seniors and others have it hard because their income is very limited but this isn't a cure for that problem - because this problem is more far-reaching.


Other income related benefits or helping hand type things like SNAP, energy bill help, etc., both from government (state/federal) and private industry, have also been pumped up to help those who need more help - anybody that might need the help they are offering.



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