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Recent application for SSDI

Recently I submitted my application for SSDI.

I have progressively lost feeling in both feet, to the point that when I walk, (not very well, have to stop about every 150 to 200 feet or so), balance becomes an issue, along with the constant feeling of my feet being asleep. I've already fallen a few times now, and it makes you just not want to take the chance. It takes much longer to heal nowadays.


Couple that with COPD, Chronic Pain, double vision, A-Fib, about 80% use of my left arm.

Based on everything I have heard and read, not too confident that it will be approved without getting an attorney involved.from what I gather. I heard they go off the number of points you have obtained while able to work? The last letter I received, it indicated that the max points needed was reached by my late 30's. So it's not like I haven't worked at all.


I am trying to teach myself some skills that I might be able to make some extra income, should I get lucky. I don't know how long the waiting process usually is, so I wait and hope from here I guess.


Thanks for any insight,




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When submitting an application / claim to Social Security for Disability, the MOST important part is the diagnosis and prognosis given by your doctor(s) and all the things that have been done to treat your conditions ( detailed health history) -the likelihood of getting better with treatment and the timing of getting better or worse - 


There are certain situations and conditions that are approved almost immediately or ASAP without all the lawyer fanfare. 

1.  A terminal prognosis

2.  A severe illness or injury that leaves a person severely debilitated forever or longer that 12 months.

3.  A diagnosis of one or more of illnesses which the Social Security Admin. has deemed disabiling on their list of Compassionate Allowances


If your illness(es) are covered above, you should hear from them relatively quickly - otherwise,I have no idea of the wait time to hear from them especially if they have received all the medical info and history.


SSDI is for people that are disabled for longer than 12 months or have a terminal diagnosis and who have worked long enough to be vested in te SS system.  If declared by the SSA to be disabled you get your full retirement benefit based on your earnings work history to date as long as the person filing the SSDI claim is less than their Full Retirement Age.  There is a 5-month waiting period from the person's last gainful employment.


Yes, it might be wise if you can learn some new skills to help you out for the long term - check with your state's Dept of Labor to see if they have any help for disabled people learning new skills.






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