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Question regarding SSDI applications??

Can anyone answer this question for me.  I am a Disabled wartime Marine Corps Veteran with a current rating of 50% and current Claims submission for increase review as I cannot find suitable work any longer because of my disables.  Being that I am currently receiving  VA disability at 50% or better, I submitted an application for SSDI and am curious as to what my odds are of it being approved?  Odds are good in my favor that my VA disability rating will be increased and I will receive an un-employable rating.  Thoughts, Opinions, possibilities.

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VA Disability and SSDI are two different programs with different standards and eligibility -

I never heard of an un-employable rating at the VA - thought it was always based on the amount of service-connected disability which they rate you. 


As long as you are eligible, you can definitely get both benefits but unless death is imminent or you have one of the 200+ SSA Approved Compassionate Allowance Diseases then the process at SSA for SSDI has to be medically based on your condition now, if it can be improved and their medical investigation of your condition.  You don't get a rating as such from SSA - either they rule yea or nay.  This could also take awhile - the more detailed you are in your medical history, the more it helps speed the process.  Get doctors to also concur.  They do approve people with ALS and Kidney failure pretty fast too - with no after approval waiting period - for everybody else, there is a (5) month wait period for SSDI payments to start.


Sometimes SSA might refuse you and then you may decide to test their ruling in their court with a lawyer before the appropriate judge.  Sometimes they might approve you but review your condition periodically if they expect your condition to improve.

You may want to read this page as well as the other link on the left of the page, it explains a lot: - Disability Benefits | How You Qualify 




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