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Payment day change due to Medicare?

I retired early (62 yrs 2 mos), turned 65 the 25h, and just made my first Medicare payment on the 27th. I'd always gotten my SS on the fourth Wednesday. An associate, whose birthday is a few days before mine, was also getting paid on the fourth Wednesday, but SSA changed her payday to the 3rd of the month once she turned 65. She'd gotten her regular check, then a week later, the new scheduled check. Pretty sweet. An older friend, aged 68 & on Medicare, also gets paid on the 3rd.


I checked MySocialSecurity account, and next check's due on 11/24. I guess I'm safe to *assume* my payday will remain as it is, or will it change to the 3rd as well? I tied to search on it but came up with nothing.

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Whoops, I forgot to answer your question:  You asked:   I guess I'm safe to *assume* my payday will remain as it is, or will it change to the 3rd as well?


It won't change UNLESS you apply for, qualify for, and get Supplemental Security Income along with your Social Security Benefit.  HINT:  Your income would have to be pretty low. - SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME (SSI) AND ELIGIBILITY FOR OTHER GOVERNMENT AND STATE PROGRAMS

from the link:


Many people receive both SSI and Social Security benefits.

Medicaid is linked to receipt of SSI benefits in most States. Medicare is linked to entitlement to Social Security benefits. It is possible to get both Medicare and Medicaid.

States pay the Medicare premiums for people who receive SSI benefits if they are also eligible for Medicaid.

If you get SSI and have Medicare, you will also be eligible for Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage without filing a separate application.



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Thanks, RoseannaRoseannadanna 🙂

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Here is the SSA Payment Calendar for 2021 - It includes both Social Security payments and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Payments. The SSA is the handler/payer of the Supplemental Security Income (low income) program - it comes from the General Fund, not from Social Security.  However, some people get both if their income is very low and if they have only a bit of SS benefits.


  • Within the Social Security payment program, if you are drawing a benefit based on the earnings of someone else - the actual payment date is based on the birthday of the "someone else".
  • If you began benefits before May 1997 - your benefit is paid on the 3rd - or closest business day if the 3rd is on a weekend.
  • If a person is drawing both Social Security and Supplemental Security Income, it is automatically paid on the 3rd of the month. 
  • IF only getting Supplemental Security Income (SSI) not SS, it always on the 1st (except for December and then it is the very end of the month since January 1st is the new year holiday).
  • Otherwise the SS benefit payments are based on the earners birth date -
Benefits paid on Birth Date on
Second Wednesday

1st - 10th

Third Wednesday

11th - 20th

Fourth Wednesday

21st - 31st - Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Schedule of Payment 2021

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I am glad I came here because I know I was told about when I would get my SS but still didn't understand. I am drawing on my late husband, and his birthday was Nov. 29th. My birthday is Jan. 4th. I draw on his because he made more than me and at the time I had a choice, I don't know if this can still be done. Thanks for the information. 

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