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Divorced and 67. Social Security is so confusing. Help


Divorced and 67. Social Security is so confusing. Help

I was married for 30 years and now divorce (ex was born 11/1957). I stayed at home with the children (4) and later was a substitute teacher and finally became a Teacher Assistant.  Thinking of collecting Social Security and continue to, work as a Teacher's Assistant. Social Security has told me 2 different things.  

1. I can collect Social Security benefits using my Ex's income and later claim mine once I turn 70.

2. NO, I cannot collect Social Security benefits based on my EX's income. I can only use my Income as a Teacher Assistant (25,000). 


Heading back to Social Security office and requesting the information in writing (print out). I don't know what to do.


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A Question to give you some accurate info (with appropriate links).

QUESTION:  With your job as a TA, do you pay Social Security withholding taxes in your wages, with your employer matching them?  Some government employees do not pay into the Social Security System.  Everybody pays Medicare withholding taxes, with employer match - but some states elect to NOT participate in the Social Security System, electing instead for a pension program.

You can check your pay stub or W2 for what is withheld (if any) for Social Security.  It would be 6.5% of your wages if it is withheld.

You MUST have these withholding to qualify yourself for any SELF SS benefit.


Yes, you will be able to get a DIVORCED Spouse Social Security Benefit if it is greater than your own “SELF” SS benefit and you meet all eligibility requirements. 

Social Security - Benefit Planner - Benefits for Family - Divorced Spouse.

Go down to the heading of “Benefits For Your Divorced Spouse”.


However, your answer to the QUESTION (above) could reduce your benefit - your own or your divorced spouse benefit.



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