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Arbitrary witholding of retirement backpay.

Recently I began getting the difference between my own benefits and my earlier spouse of 11 years. It amounts to an additional $195.00/month. They figure I'm due this money retroactively to May 2022. I was initially receiving SS retirement, since April 2022, on my own record, alone.


There is a court order, which garnishes $205.00/month from my SS pay, and has been since I first began receiving SS. Going forward, according to social security, the garnishment is unchanged, despite the additional $195.00. Obviously, this amount of additional monies does not affect the garnishment/withholding.


The backpay I was due was $2,642.00. They paid me half, and have retained half ($1,321.00), claiming they need to delay giving it to me, in case some of it may be required for my garnishment order. They give no deadline whatsoever for when my money may be released to me, and no assurance that it ever will.


What can I do?

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