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While drawing regular ss at age 62. Can I apply for ss disability 

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While drawing regular ss at age 62. Can I apply for ss disability 

NO, these are the same benefit - you get one or the other, not both.


If you have already FILED for and are getting early retirement (62) Social Security, you cannot file for Social Security Disability if you have been receiving this early retirement benefits for longer than 12 months.  If less than 12 months, you have to withdraw this application, pay back your benefit and then file for SSDI and this application will be processed as usual to see if you are approved.


Read This:

Social Security Benefit Planner: If You Change Your Mind

If You Change Your Mind

Unexpected changes may occur after you make your decision about when to start your Social Security Retirement benefits


If you are receiving Social Security Retirement benefits and you change your mind about when they should start, you may be able to withdraw your Social Security claim and re-apply at a future date.

However, if you change your mind 12 months or more after you became entitled to retirement benefits, you cannot withdraw your application.


You have to repay any benefits you have received.


- Read the rest at the SS link provided above -


So, if you are within this 12-month period, you can withdraw your early retirement claim, pay back your benefits and file for Social Security Disability and wait to see if it will be approved. Unless you have a condition that is terminal or a listed illness on the SSDI Compassionate Allowance - then the claim might take a while to be approved OR denied.


At your Full Retirement Age, they are the same benefit.



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Yes, that is correct - SSA will let you apply for both the (early) old age benefit and disability at the same time and work out the number differences if the disability claim is approved.


But if you have filed for (early) old age benefit and have been receiving it for less than 12 months, and then want to file for SSDI - then you have to work out the number differences by paying back the (early) old age benefit and then applying for SSDI. 


If a person has been receiving (early) old age benefits for longer than 12 months then the person cannot file for SSDI and will continuously received the reduced amount of the SS (early) old age benefit.



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I have applied for ss and sdi.  the ssa stated i could do this.  if ssdi is granted ssa will do a balance shee and reward them difference.  no withdrawl for ss early retirement required.  btw, i applied for both at the same time.

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@do83704    Have you visited the Social Security web site and created an account?


Have you looked through Answers?

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