catfished by young lady

A younger lady, who was unknown to me, reached out to through social media... she was looking for a friend.  Great!  And she was good looking per her profile picture!  But she wanted to switch to whatsapp to communicate, which I refused to do.  She eventually gave up.


My question is, knowing my phone number (which is needed for Whatsapp), why kind of mischief can she do?  


Actually, that particular site had an older picture of me.  Maybe I catfished her (unintentionally).


I came here to 'scams & fraud' forum looking for your wisdom.  But I searched and there are not many posts about being catfished. 


So I just searched internet and found this interesting article about what can be done by knowing a person's phone number:
fyi.  my phone number used to be on linkedin, but I recently removed it.


I followed some of the links mentioned in this article about hackers.  And I learned something.  The lady (might have been a man) tried a 'honeytrap scam'.

"Honeytraps (romance scams)

Honeytraps are a type of romance scam in which scammers create fake online dating and social media profiles using attractive stolen photos."

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Just wanted to say welcome to the community.. I think you will enjoy your time here,lots of great people .. Enjoy

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Catfish are fishy, indeed! How much of a younger lady was she? 

(poet didn't know it)


I see you just registered today! Well... 'Hello @WellingtonWimpy! Welcome to @AARP! Please DO pay me on Tuesday! 🍔 lol


re: "Please DO pay me on Tuesday! "


I will gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today.

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I will gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today.I will gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today.




There are a few comments about my avatar... some background:


A few years before I retired, a manager offered me a promotion the next year if I stayed longer in that department and completed an important  project.  And then he reneged on the offer.  Which is what we all expect Wimpy to do about burger payment.  


She said she was 37.  My old picture looked like I was in my mid-40's.  I am now mid-60's.


I just now did a reverse image search.  Several Korean news articles listed her as news broadcaster Kim Joo-hee.


I should have done that right away.

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