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Potential new scam among us

I'll call this the Follow-up Call Scam. Mom has received several calls bearing area codes from middle/south Georgia and some from around Athens, Augusta, and Dahlonega. These people always begin the call by asking a question requiring a "Yes" answer. Of course, that qualifies this as a "Yes" scam, but here's the twist: Mom has considered herself the One that Gets Away, but last time she did the following was the last time she'll try it, because she said, "I'm not going to say 'Yes'," to which I said, "You just did." (As I type, she's on the phone with the bank.) But she's done. I'm just warning you all. She has been asking, "Who's calling?" to which they replied more than once, "I'm following up on a request you made for information about" 1) some kind of death insurance and 2) new options available for Medicaid. So, these people are claiming people requested a follow-up or left a call back request (I say this because I remember other calls she played with, and what they said). After about the 12th call, I realized we may have a new scam on our hands. Never give these people any numbers, any information about yourself/your family. Don't do what she tried to do, which is outsmart them. They don't deserve the time of day. Don't spend even a moment on these creeps. It's a moment you can't get back. Just hang up. Politeness is the curiosity that killed the cat in this case.


Just do what I do...don't answer strange numbers.  There are a lot of bad and deceitful people out there.

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Hi Kelley

that's a new one.....

"Follow-up Call Scam" ☎️

Good you're there for protecting Mom! 🙂

Take care   ☮️~Allen  🌈

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