Retirement Home and Assisted Living Scams

I recently watched a movie on Netflix called "I Care A Lot." In this movie, seniors were scammed by their physician and court-appointed guardian and ordered by the courts to be sent to senior living facilities basically against their will and scammed out of their money,  homes, and other assets as well as their independent livelihoods. Please see this movie as I have no doubt that this could actually happen.



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I'm sure that could happen especially if the person has lots of money and haven't made any plans IN-ADVANCE.  But this was a movie; not a documentary.


Everybody needs to make plans in advance for when they may not be able to care for themselves or somebody will do it for you - another someone or the government.

Take time to assign your own powers (power of attorney / healthcare power) and/or establish a trust with a trustee (a person or an institution) that one trust - and knows your wishes.

You can even appoint a Personal Representative for your Social Security benefit funds on your personal Social Security account - that way when and if the time comes for somebody to take over paying your bills - SSA doesn't have to pick someone - person or institution.


You got it all set up - right!?



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