AARP offer for reduced auto insurance resulted in hundreds upon hundreds of spam calls.

fairly new to AARP, in a moment of weakness I signed up for an offer from AARP for better insurance rates, had to give them my phone number and the moment I hit 'return' I knew I made a mistake.

Shortly after I started getting calls from agents asking about my insurance rates, I passed and said I was all set with each call. Now we're about 3 weeks in to this and I kid you not, I get roughly 20 spam calls per day, all day, every day. Prior to signing up for the AARP endorsed offer I would get a "SPAM CALLER" on my phone maybe once or twice a year. Now, as I stated, I get more than 20 or so per day. I'm on and have been on a 'do not call' list for over 10yrs now and that surely isn't working.


I wish I knew of someway to stop these calls, I don't even answer them of course.  I just decline and then block. I can't believe that AARP doesn't do a better job at vetting their endorsements and will allow us elderly get spammed or scammed by these relentless calls. No wonder so many older people have problems with getting themselves into trouble with lost money by scams.



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