Phishing email after joining AARP

Having worked in IT for 40 years, ending my career as director of application security.

It's suspect that very shortly after joining AARP I'm getting 6+ phishing emails each day. 

They appear as Norton, FedEx, Ace, ect.. Any one else have this same experience? 

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Also spent many years in IT @AppSecGuy .  Paradoxically more than half of hacking is Social Engineering not Techie coding, hardware and wonder tricks.  That means the exchange of specific info. that seems relevent to mitigating their efforts can also play into their hands.  In general, confirm your experience, but there has also been an up-tick on other email addrresses.  Hopefully this article will bolster your resolve to remain vigilant...besides FBI gave it a pretty good name.

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I’m probably getting that many, but I was getting just as many before I retired. 

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