Paypal text scam - Be Safe Stay Safe

Wasn't sure where to post this but it needs to be posted. IF anyone gets a text from PayPal saying anything about your bank account or any account having money deducted from it. DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER ON THAT TEXT YOU RECEIVED. That is NOT the customer service number. It is a hack and scam. They can and do get your information and are able to hack into your phone this way. They will steal any and all personal data from what you've got available online and once they get in to your phone they can drain every single penny and identification you've got. It's better to look the number up manually or call the number on the back of the card you were given when you got your account. If you didn't receive a card then call information for official sites phone number. Spending $1 for a call or data usage is safer than losing every penny you've got. 

  Write a list of numbers to the places that you deal with financially and keep it safe. Credit cards, debit cards, online accounts (Wal-Mart, Cash app, Venmo, PayPal. , banks, IRS, Social Security office in your town and their 1-800, 866 numbers. If these numbers you have do not match up to yours be safe and call the official number you know & have verified by the institution. Let them know you've gotten a text, an email, a phone call, a letter from someone with a different number than what you have written down. This could very well save you & others from these thieving evil doers . IRS, FBI, HOMELAND SECURITY, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE ..These are a few intimidating emails and texts I've seen lately as well as the PayPal texts coming in. Also, watch for the Grammer, spelling and punctuation, if a sentence doesn't look right, (examples..*There holding, *There coming for you, *There office number  instead of Their or They are) (we have caught those *criminal *because they are greedy*...) (*I,m FBI agent...)  (*Leave text or voicemail*.. ) (holding $10million for you but you need to send them $350 in order to get the $10 mil). That last one is full of mistakes & the government will never hold money and ask for money, or send emails or texts. They show up at your door and knock loudly. 

 I don't apologize for this message but I do for the length of it. Sadly I know all about the scam tactics and fear they can give a person and the thickness in their lies. They are as slick as the devil himself. I could go on for hours about the scammers and the struggle of regaining your life back, the feeling of violation & Stockholm syndrome that comes with it. I can only pray that people reading this won't fall prey to becoming victims. Be Safe Stay Safe.  

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