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I am not replying to AARPLynne but I am reporting a scam.

It was for Skincell skin tag remover.

I was charged for three bottles, and only wanted two.  Fortunately I was able to get some refunded as I called the number before I sent the payment by credit card. Ah, but when I got the items and they did not work, they were totally useless, No number!

No way to get a refund of the $90 I spent.

I did make a report to the Better Business Bureau, where this company had a horrible rating.

I do now notice that they no longer advertise.

Hopefully they were stopped. 


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I received an IRS form 1099-K in the snail mail yesterday from eBay reporting $2000 in income from a sale in June, 2021. I have an eBay account, but have never bought or sold anything there. In conversations with very helpful people at eBay I discovered that the sale was linked to an account also opened in June, 2021 in my name, apparently with my social security number, but with bank and gmail accounts I have never used. The seller never delivered the items and the purchase price was refunded to the buyer. Since no money is involved I suspect someone was just testing whether a stolen name and SS# were valid.

I would never have known about any of this except the IRS changed the reporting threshold for 2021 from $20,000 to $600. I have had a security freeze on my credit accounts since the Anthem and OPM data breaches, which both lost my personal information, and I participate in the Anthem Experian Identityworks program. I haven't seen any other evidence of a problem this year, but in 2015 someone claimed an IRS refund for me before I had filed my return (joke was on them, because I wasn't due a refund).


Does anyone care or is this kind of event too common to notice? I filed a police report with the tax problem, but nobody has suggested doing that now. Does any agency track this kind of stuff? Are there other precautions I should be taking? I try to close unused accounts, but somehow I missed my real eBay account. I would really like to see some kind of "sunset" law where places where I have inactive accounts delete them as well as all my personal information tied to those accounts after giving me a notice.

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So sorry you had to deal with all of this.

You may already have this covered by freezing your credit with Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, but in case it helps others here's some additional information.


Right now, you can still check your credit report with one, two, or all 3 Credit Reporting Bureaus listed above every week for free if you choose to do so. They implemented this during the pandemic (used to be annual freebie) and have left it in place through December 2023.


The web site to use is "" - feel free to Google it to confirm, but don't go to the first sets of results that pop up - they're ads (with names that may sound similar) that will probably solicit you for services like credit monitoring. 


I reported a scam through the Better Business Bureau in Southern California, I also reported a scam through AARP but was only asked for a zip code, no details and no further. I want to make sure this business which is an online and physical art gallery and their affiliates does not scam others - they already had two reports at the BBB. Is there a way I can more fully report a scam to the AARP community? Thank you Judy 

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