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What song reminds you of Dad?

Let's pay tribute to all the Dad's out there this Father's Day! What song reminds you of Dad?
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i think a great father's day song would be George Strait's song "love without end amen" it tells that a father's love for his children is forever.

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Dancing With My Father. Luther Vandross.





The song that reminds me of my dad is James Brown's song " I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothin, Open Up The Door and I Get It Myself"


My Dad loved all kinds of music and introduced us to classical, standards, and his favorite, big band.  I don't think he ever had one favorite song, but he loved Glenn Miller, Guy Lombardo and Artie Shaw.


Cat's in the Cradle  by Harry Chapin.


“Daddy’s Hands” by Holly Dunn makes me think of my father every single time I hear it. I was definitely daddy’s little girl and was spoiled rotten! He was the hardest working man I’ve ever known in my life, and had the callouses to prove it. He owned a shoe repair/cobbler shop that had been his father’s business. I have the best memories of going to work with him as a wee little one up until I had my own little girl! Sadly, he had to close the business due to multiple bouts with cancer—the last surgery to amputate his arm. It’s been 33 years since he passed, and I still remember the strength, feel, and appearance of his hands. RIP, dear Daddy. Loving you forever & ever!


"What a Wonderful World" is mine and dads song, the song taught me more than i knew back in the early 60's. It was who dad was. Also was going to be mine and dads song when i get married. Fathers Day,  this song will put a smile on our face from Heaven to Earth~💞


"Goodnight Sweetheart" by Al Bowles - It was our bedtime song.


(You Smile) 'And the Angels Sing'


I lost my Dad 52 years ago February this year.  Every time I hear anything by Otis Redding, especially Sitting on the Dock of a Bay, I think of my Dad sitting on the sofa with a cigar and a cold beer.


Love and miss you so much.💖



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For You today Daddy:

Ain't No Sunshine...The Greatest Gift I ever had came from GOD & I call him Daddy.

In your Military Service, your USPOD Service & your Service to me as Your Gift from Above.

Forever Always❤️

Happy Fathers' Day Yabba Daddy.


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"Take me out to the ball game" was our favorite. We used to sing it on our way to Connie Mack Stadium in Philly.

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Father and Son-Cat Stevens

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My Dad liked all kinds of music (like father, like daughter) LOL.  He liked country music and western swing, but also enjoyed popular artists like Perry Como, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, and Andy Williams. But his favorite music was country music and western swing. He liked this song and band quite a lot. I'm playing this for you, Daddy. Miss you.  


Under The Double Eagle  -  Hank Thompson & The Brazos Valley Boys


“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix
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Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there!

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@postman29 wrote:

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there!

💥Happy Father's Day @postman29 . I know you are one awesome dad 😁💥

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Thanks Angela, I appreciate that! Hope all is well for you today and always!

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Everything I Own-Bread (David Gates wrote that in memory of his father). To my late father-the words say it all Dad!

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My Dad (Who is 90!) loves the Righteous

Brothers. So today I’ll go with (You’re my)

Soul and Inspiration    Luv u Dad 🎼💜

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My Dad, also 90, was a Petula Clark fan back in the day.  So I will go with "Who Am I" by Petula. Not as popular as 'Downtown' or 'I Know a Place' but a good song just the same.

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