Honored Social Butterfly

Standout Album/Song Titles

Which song or album titles stand out for you?  Maybe it's a memorable or poetic or funny phrase, maybe it perfectly sums up the material inside, or maybe you have another reason for loving it.  Your answer doesn't have to be a song/album that you think is especially good; it's the title we're focusing on here.


To start:  Ozzy Osbourne's Blizzard of Ozz, because "blizzard" aptly describes the songs and because the phrase is a rhyming spin on another, well-recognized title of a work that takes the listener/reader on a crazy trip to another world.

Honored Social Butterfly

Let it be, 1970   The Beatles


Lots of back and forth as to if this was
heir last album or if it was Abbey Road.
To me,
this iconic album details the

disintegrated relationship of the Fab 4️⃣

and their decision to move on without

each other. The songs are haunting,
hinting at togetherness with
”Two of us”

to addressing their split with ”Let it be”

A true masterpiece as only the Fab 4️⃣

could produce

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